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Global transport costs for international trade, 2016

To support evidence-based policymaking and research in the transport sector, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Bank have developed a Global Transport Costs dataset for International Trade.

In order to provide a more visual understanding of global transport costs related to international trade, an interactive map has been created to visualize the transport costs (incl. insurance costs) of individual commodities (Harmonized System, six-digit level) traded between two countries in 2016. The map focuses on sea mode while the chart shows total transport costs by mode of transport. This visualization aims to complement the underlying quantitative data by offering alternative access to the data and providing high-level insights into how transport costs may differ as a function of mode of transport, distance, economies of scale, and other factors.

Being very interested in enhancing the user experience with regard to this visual approach to global transport costs, we look forward to any feedback (statistics@unctad.org) to further optimize the display of global transports data for international trade.

Notes: Top 10 trade partner economies are shown in the default selection. Select any other partner economy to get transport costs details.