Data exploration

Dealing with large amounts of data can sometimes be overwhelming. One way to make sense of data, and help reveal patterns that cannot otherwise be easily understood, is to visualise the data. Some data visualisations are showcased here to help make our statistics more understandable at-a-glance.

Revealed Comparative Advantage

RCA Radar

Revealed comparative advantage (RCA) is based on Ricardian trade theory, which posits that patterns of trade among countries are governed by their relative differences in productivity. Although such productivity differences are difficult to observe, an RCA metric can be readily calculated using trade data to "reveal" such differences. While the metric can be used to provide a general indication and first approximation of a country's competitive export strengths, it should be noted that applied national measures which affect competitiveness such as tariffs, non-tariff measures, subsidies and others are not taken into account in the RCA metric.